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TCM’s 2016 AGM held in the spectacular city of Dubai

By TCM Newsroom

May 12, 2016


REYKJAVIK, Iceland (TCM Newsroom) — This year’s AGM was set against the backdrop of the spectacular city of Dubai.

Held from March 6 to 8 and hosted by TCM UAE (ALWADI HOLDING), the AGM made an indelible impression on its 40 plus participants.

TCM representatives flew in from every corner of the globe and were treated by their honourable hosts to a myriad of local delights: from a tour of Abu Dhabi with its beautiful marina and breathtaking Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to a safari, camel rides, and an exquisite dinner in the Arabian desert.

The welcome guests received at the Dusit Thani Dubai Conference Centre—a gala dinner at the Al Wasl Ballroom—set the tone for the series of unforgettable days that followed.

How much the numerous activities organized by TCM UAE nurtured the long-standing business and personal bonds within the Group was evidenced in the congenial and synergistic atmosphere that pervaded the six days of intensive collaboration, invaluable knowledge exchange, and thrilling sightseeing.

“Visiting Dubai was an experience not to be missed,” TCM’s newly elected CEO Mr. Shaun Duncan said after returning home from Dubai. “It was simply mind-blowing to see what has been achieved in a relatively short period of time. Despite the masses of skyscraper buildings that already exist, the construction and development of the Emirates is still continuing at a rapid pace, and soon you will only have to go to Dubai to see all of the world’s wonders, including skiing on real snow on an indoor ski slope that matches any slope in the world. Thus Dubai and the UAE were fitting venues for our 2016 AGM and the first ever Global Trade Credit and Risk Management Conference. It is precisely experiences such as these that make the TCM family so special.”

Following is a summary of AGM outcomes:

  • A new board was elected for the year ahead, comprising Mr. Hubert Czapinski of TCM Poland (Chairman), Mr. Shaun Duncan of TCM South Africa (CEO), Ms. Laila Saleh of TCM Egypt (Secretary), Mr. Brain Poon of TCM Canada (Treasurer), and Mr. Jeff Li of TCM China (Director).
  • The board established a new “Compliance & Complaints Committee” and appointed Mr. Etienne van der Vaeren, Ms. Cristina Alberti, and Mr. Shaun Duncan as its members.
  • TCM Belgium (TCM BE) placed first in the Group’s annual quality survey, followed by TCM Sweden (Profina International), TCM Italy (Nivi Credit), TCM South Africa (Pienaar Sithole & Associates), and TCM Slovenia (Converta).
  • Delegates agreed to develop the Group’s online Client Platform further, including features such as claims transfer and claims reporting.
  • A competition to encourage joint marketing collaborations between partners was held, with TCM Ukraine taking top spot.
  • TCM UAE organised a team of cameramen to record the events at the AGM and will provide photos as well as videos of all major events held at the AGM.
  • Delegates expressed their special thanks to Mr. Etienne van der Vaeren (TCM Belgium), who stepped down as a director and CEO of the Group, for his dedication, determination, drive, and wisdom during his leadership of the Group.
  • Delegates ratified a budget that enables continuing optimization of the Group’s integrity, performance, and services.
  • An amount of $11,100 was raised in proceeds from the fourth TCM Charity Auction as delegates pledged generous bids for the items they had brought from their home countries. TCM Group added a further $2,500 to this sum, giving an overall total of $13,600, which will be donated to Dubai Cares in support of educating 70 children for a period of one year.

By the end of the six days, it was plain to all members just why the TCM spirit is the spirit of success: unyielding professionalism, absolute commitment, and consummate cohesion at all levels of the network mean that creditors’ money is in the best global debt collecting hands around.

In 2015, members exchanged 83,652 international claims for a total of $150 million.