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TCM Group Ukraine lawyers receive national recognition in three areas of expertise

July 31, 2015

TCM Group establishes representation in the Ukraine

REYKJAVIK, Iceland (TCM Newsroom) — Last month the Yurydychna Gazeta, a Ukrainian trade publication, numbered TCM Group lawyers Denys Kopii, Dmytro Golopapa, and Maksym Tkhorivskyi among the best in their profession.

In a national survey approved by the international auditing company, Grant Thornton International, the Yurydychna Gazeta selected the best legal practitioners operating across 20 legal professions as diverse as intellectual property, criminal law, and media law and IT.

The legal gazette singled out the TCM representatives for the excellence of their work in three areas: Mr. Kopii in the area of international arbitration and mediation, Mr. Golopapa in the area of international law and foreign economic activity, and Mr. Tkhoriviskyi in the area of criminal law and procedure.

The third of its kind, the Yurydychna Gazeta poll serves as a decision instrument for Ukrainian businesses scouting for the right legal professional to partner with on the domestic market. The poll testifies to the optimal collection services – amicable and legal – that clients around the world have come to expect from the TCM brand.

TCM Group Ukraine has been a full member of TCM Group International since the company’s incorporation in Kiev in June 2014.