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Second annual global conference for empowering businesswomen is held in Cairo and the Red Sea; Laila Saleh promotes business goals of single mothers and young women, furthers TCM Group’s agenda in the region

By TCM Newsroom

March, 2016

businesswomen is held in Cairo and the Red Sea; Laila Salehbusinesswomen is held in Cairo and the Red Sea; Laila Salehbusinesswomen is held in Cairo and the Red Sea; Laila Saleh

REYKJAVIK, Iceland (TCM Newsroom) — This February saw the second annual global conference for businesswomen in Egypt and around the world take place at the buildings of the Arab League in Cairo and the stunning palace in the town of El Gouna.

As with last year’s conference, the event was attended by the Governor of the Red Sea Governorate and scores of Egyptian and international businesswomen—industry leaders and industry makers and shakers in their respective fields.

It was the honour of Ms. Laila Saleh, TCM shareholder and managing director, to participate for a second time in the conference; her efforts this year were concentrated on advancing the business goals of single mothers and young women and furthering TCM Group’s business model in the region.

Business Women of Egypt 21 (BWE21), a self-financing NGO, partnered with the League of Arab States to host this year’s conference. BWE21 sees its mandate as promoting the economic empowerment of women in the workplace through synergistic business relationships.

The theme of this year’s conference was “Women Leaders for Economic Prosperity”; one can gauge the importance of both theme and conference by the conference’s patrons and sponsors: the Ministries of Investment and Tourism and prestigious multinational and national companies.

And the result?

The meeting of like minds, like expertise, and like integrity served as a catalysing force for network formation, capacity building, and international trade. And with its direct, practical approach to fostering economic growth through strengthening the position of women in business métiers across multiple sectors, the conference inspired its participants to excel in the following areas:

  • implementing ecosystems for small- to medium-sized enterprises
  • adhering to best practices
  • getting women on board and into leadership positions
  • creating a signature leadership style and branding it
  • cultivating leadership strength
  • becoming leaders in a digital age
  • converting one’s passion to profit

“My aim this year—alongside championing the TCM model in a presentation to industry leaders in the region—was to advocate for single mothers and young women by promoting their small businesses inside and outside Egypt and by helping them with feasibility studies and raising funds”, Ms. Saleh said in an post-conference statement.

Ms. Laila Saleh has accumulated over four decades of experience in executive positions as diverse as internal auditor (IBM), procurement manager (IBM), accounts receivable manager (IBM), and general manager (TCM Egypt). In addition to serving as a TCM director, she is a board member of The World Association of Detectives (WAD), and active member of the Federation of European National Collection Associations (FENCA) and of the Association of British Investigators (ABI).