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Laila Saleh represents TCM Group at major global conference of businesswomen in Egypt

By TCM Newsroom

March, 2015

REYKJAVIK, Iceland (TCM Newsroom) — Last month TCM shareholder and Group board member Ms. Laila Saleh represented TCM Group at a major conference of international businesswomen and executives.

The event was organized by Business Women of Egypt 21 (BWE21), a non-governmental organization set up to provide professional support to businesswomen across all sectors and industries of the Egyptian economy.

The goal of the conference was to further gender equality in corporate leadership, to bolster the position of women in business generally, and to create new pathways to economic growth, both at home and abroad.

Held in Cairo at the Arab League building and between the Governorates of Luxor and Aswan, the four-day event surpassed participants’ expectations of what can be achieved at such an international gathering.

Delegates pooled their experience and expertise over the four days: they shared success stories and best practices; developed action plans for generating greater awareness of the Egyptian economic environment and for boosting trade locally and internationally; built promotional networks at regional and global levels; came up with ways to bring about enterprise development and introduce supply chain and marketing practices that work for the benefit of women; and, not least, forged new business relationships and partnerships.

Of particular note were the meetings delegates held with the governors of Luxor and Aswan to discuss the many challenges facing local businesses such as those in the tourism sector.

Another important theme on the conference table was promoting a positive media image of women in business by underscoring the vital role they play in the global economy. Such promotion was discussed as part of the greater project of advancing gender equality through community advocacy initiatives and by evaluating and reporting on progress made.

Laila Saleh represents TCM Group

Ms. Saleh’s purpose in participating in the conference was to highlight the fast-growing importance of debt collection outsourcing in international trade and receivables management, and to present the global reach and local depth of TCM Group’s collection knowledge and expertise.

Saleh secured the commitments of foreign and local commerce chambers and business bodies to meet with her in the near future. These meetings will give TCM the opportunity to present the economic benefits of debt collection outsourcing to leading business players in Egypt and the decade-long success story of its business model.

“It was very beneficial to be exposed to and share experiences with professionals from various business and political backgrounds, not to mention to be able to promote TCM Group’s business model,” Ms. Saleh said in a statement issued not long after the conference.

With over four decades of experience in leadership positions as diverse as internal auditor (IBM), procurement manager (IBM), accounts receivable manager (IBM) and general manager (TCM Egypt), Ms. Saleh counts as one of the major business figures in the Egyptian economy. In addition to her directorial membership of TCM Group, she is also board member of The World Association of Detectives (WAD), and active member at the Federation of European National Collection Associations (FENCA), and the Association of British Investigators (ABI).

Laila Saleh represents TCM Group

Laila Saleh represents TCM Group