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Key promotional activities fortify TCM’s ties with SINOSURE

Key promotional activities fortify TCM’s ties with SINOSUREKey promotional activities fortify TCM’s ties with SINOSURE

Reykjavik, Iceland (TCM Newsroom) — TCM India in association with TCM China recently organized marketing promotional activities to strengthen TCM Group International’s business ties with SINOSURE, one of the world’s largest export credit guarantee corporations.

TCM India, represented by Ms. Seema Kumar and team, and TCM China, represented by Ms. Kathy Li, visited SINOSURE’s branches at Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, and Hangzhou.

The purpose of the meetings, which took place from Sept. 15 to Sept. 18, was to promote TCM Group’s comprehensive suite of global debt collection services at SINOSURE and thereby fortify the already strong ties between the two entities.

Since its inception in 2001, SINOSURE has been successfully using many of TCM Group’s services in the area of domestic and international debt collection and credit reporting.

At the meetings, Ms. Kumar and Ms. Li emphasized the efficiency of the Group’s soft collection strategies, its global presence, and its contingency fee structure. They also drew attention to the benefits of enlisting the Group’s expertise in liquidating outstanding receivables from international delinquent buyers.

SINOSURE representatives gave assurances of their corporation’s future cooperation with TCM Group in the wider region both during and after the meetings.

TCM India (MNS Credit Management Group Private Limited) and TCM China (Qingdao Inter-Credit Services Pte Co., Ltd.) are leading providers of international debt collection and risk and credit management solutions for the Asian market.