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TCM Group International attended the Association of Credit for Central & Eastern Europe (ACCEE) Credit Matters VI - The Deep Dive Conference: 20th September - 22nd September 2017


By TCM Newsroom

October 4, 2017



REYKJAVIK, Iceland (TCM Newsroom) — Our Chairman Hubert Czapinski and CEO Shaun Duncan attended the ACCEE Credit Matters VI Conference held in Krakow as guests of ACCEE CEO Mark Harrison. This year’s event was attended by 120 delegates and for the first time started with two  master-class sessions covering i) Human capital in O2C and ii) “hey debtor – I’ve got a pain in my process” which were enjoyed by all the delegates who attended these sessions.

The official conference started on Thursday 21st September 2017 with an introduction and video by Mark Harrison. This was followed by discussions by Andrew Hallam on trends in the Shared Service Centre industry in Krakow and Nadimir Varo on “did the world just go crazy” covering the importance of developing our people.


The afternoon covered presentations by a panel of global debt collection experts who shared facts about their countries with delegates:
• United States of America - presented by Professor Patrick Connelly
• South Africa & Nigeria  - presented by Shaun Duncan
• China & Turkey  - presented by Raymond van der Loos
• Hungary - presented by Peter Szentirmay
• Russia – presented by Robert Schulze



This was followed by role play on a debt collection court room scenario on risk management. A panel discussion followed regarding managing risk and challenges in certain industries - Airline / Consumer goods / Pharma & Medical devices & Automotive industries.

The day was concluded with a gala dinner combined with an awards ceromony where ACCEE members were nominated for their contribution to the credit industry with Hubert being nominated for the merit award.

The final day commenced with presentations on following topics:
•    Change in business processes – Alexander Puchovsky
•    Staff matters – Stefanie Dinklage
•    IFRS and Basel III – profesor Patrick Connelly
•    Shell O2C and shared services – Siobhan Riggott & Michal Fic
•    Designed for behaviour – James West
The conference presented all delegates with a good opportunity to expand their network and make new friends.


On Saturday 23rd September 2017  Hubert and I met with Petr and Pavel from DC Group / TCM Czech Republic in Prague for a traditional Czech meal which was enjoyed by all.
They also had the opportunity to discuss some business matters and international opportunities.



Hubert returned to Warsaw and I travelled on to Paris and met with Mikaël, Guillaume and Julien from Order to Cash / TCM France. We had a most enjoyable lunch as well as the opportunity to discuss their business and to look at opportunities for further development of international claims.


tCM France

My trip ended in Paris …… with shopping!

Shaun Duncan