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Grzegorz Balawender

#RZECZoBIZNESIE: Hubert Czapiński: Windykator takes negative emotions

By TCM Newsroom

June 13, 2017


Hubert Czapinski

If we are "bad" and we get all the bad emotions, then the debtor and the contractor can return to good cooperation - says Hubert Czapiński, president of TCM Group International the leading global debt collection group, guest on Martin Piasecki program.

Czapinski explained that TCM is a global network of independent debt collection companies and specialist law firms. - We are present in 145 countries on all continents. We have a global reach through local presence - said Czapiński.

Local presence means helping a person through our partner who knows the local environment, local business environment, language, culture, habits, and will not let the debtor slip out of their liability.


He admitted that 95% of the issues that are addressed to the TCM Group are resolved amicably. - Judicial process is much more expensive, long-term and it is not known whether it will end up with financial result. Going to court in most cases can be ineffective, costly and delay recovery, - assessed Czapiński.

He pointed out that the awareness of Polish companies that use debt collection services is growing.

- There is also growing awareness of the powerful intercultural differences between states. Different vindication will be in Scandinavian countries, and quite different in Latin American countries - he explained.

- The comfort zone in developed countries is quite large. A man in Scandinavia does not wish to be seen by anyone at his place of residence, calling him on weekends, in the evenings, even during the day. Scandinavian debt collection will consist in giving the signal to the person who is obliged to fulfil the claim that he is late for payment - he said.

- In Latin American countries, there will be a completely different situation. There, without the five visits to the debtor, without building a relationship with the debtor, no stronger action will be possible. For a debtor in Colombia, the debt is something less burdensome, a bit like the rain outside the window, it is there, but it does not interfere with functioning - he added.

Czapiński noted that every big customer provides information about the local market. - Just ask us. We also use local contacts only. Few companies in the market can boast a guarantee of local presence in the debtor’s market. If we cannot contact the debtor then we inform the customer that our service is impossible - he said.

He explained that in part of the 145 TCM countries they have presence in 2-3 places. - In China we have 2 200 employees in 34 branches - he said.

Czapiński acknowledged that the ideal situation would be if, after completing the successful debt recovery, the debtor will return to cooperate with our client. "He wants to come back very often," he said.

- We as the third side of the dispute take on all the negative emotions and try to be the buffer between the debtor and the creditor. If we are going to "let you down" and take away all the bad emotions, then those two sides can return to good cooperation - he added

To view the full interview go to : http://www.rp.pl/RZECZoBIZNESIE/170619714-Hubert-Czapinski---Windykator-zabiera-negatywne-emocje.html