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International debt collection for Chile since 1993




Puerta del Sol 55 Of. 81, Santiago, Chile
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Horacio Manfredi
Horacio Manfredi
TCM Chile

TCM Chile—TransWorld Services S.A.

International Debt Collectors since 1993

For fast, effective and ethical international debt collection in Chile look no further than TCM Chile—TransWorld Services S.A. Since 1993, we have been successfully providing amicable debt recovery services for domestic and international clients alike.

Our long-standing membership of the globally renowned TCM Group—we joined in 1996—puts us in a unique position on the Chilean market: we can combine unparalleled knowledge of the domestic culture, market and legal system with the knowledge, experience, and collection leverage of our 160+ Group partners.

Our Collection Services

For nearly a quarter of a century now, we have been specializing in commercial collections and credit information reports. Our commercial collections services include:

  • receivables management outsourcing (i.e., nationwide coverage in the collection of outstanding in-date receivables);
  • commercial collection (i.e., pre-legal and legal recovery of past due commercial debt); and
  • international collection (i.e., debt collection with worldwide coverage and from local collection points).
Quality through Competence and Professionalism

Competence and professionalism lie at the heart of our quality promise, not least because our company’s two primary business areas—the recovery of accounts receivables and customer service—demand the highest level of engagement from those who work in these fields. That’s why all our staff have been rigorously trained before entering their profession. And that’s why we make sure they are kept on their toes through regular training and quality enhancement measures. The latter includes:

  • advanced trainings in debt collection technology (these enable us to provide you with account updates in real time via on-line communication channels);
  • permanent training programmes (here the focus is on the continuing development and optimization of our collection and customer services); and
  • adhering to the strict membership requirements and quality standards of TCM Group International (we are one of the oldest shareholders of the Group).
Commercial Information at Your Fingertips

Our commercial information division can carry out a thorough search on and credit analysis of your Chilean debtor. Through our shareholding membership of TCM International and Dun & Bradstreet International (the world’s largest global commercial database), we can also perform a full analysis of companies operating in Chile and across six of the world’s continents.

TCM Chile—TransWorld Services S.A—is the largest Chilean company that specializes in credit reporting and credit report distribution.