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TCM Group — A leading provider of international debt collection services since 1987

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TCM United Kingdom – Credit Limits International Limited

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Pierre Haincourt
Pierre Haincourt
TCM United Kingdom

TCM UK—Credit Limits International Ltd.

International Debt Collectors since 2009

International debt collection is a specialist area. Established in 2009 by Pierre Haincourt MCICM, TCM UK – Credit Limits International Ltd is an independent owner-managed boutique debt collection agency which was founded with the goal of becoming the point of reference for Cross-border debt recovery in the UK. Our plan was is to offer the best international debt collection service to clients of all sizes and from all industry sectors. Since then, we have become the leading international collection agency in the UK, the only one to have received an award from our professional association, the Credit Services Association (CSA) for the quality of the international debt collection service we deliver. We understand the complexities of international debt collection. Our pride is the quality of the debt collection services we deliver. Our ultimate goal is the collection of the debt owed to you, wherever in the world your debtor is located.

Our company was formed with a clear mission: helping our clients collect their international debts, which often are the most problematic and time-consuming part of their receivables. We advise our clients to act promptly to avoid potential bad debt and to use professionals, which allows them to save their own resources and remain focussed on their core business.

When TCM Group identified us as a suitable candidate to become TCM UK, we were truly honoured. For us, becoming part of a globally recognised debt collection network with over 30 years’ experience was an amazing opportunity.

Our Mission Statement: “TCM UK strive to generate outstanding results through professional & ethical Cross-border debt collection strategies whilst delivering a quality added value debt collection service to our clients”

Our business vision is to add value to debt collection and this is how we do it:

No costs are incurred unless specifically agreed by the client beforehand.

We add interest, compensation and collection costs on all commercial debts placed with us for collection, by using the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 in the way that it is intended. When full recovery is achieved from the debtor, the additional sums recovered go a long way towards compensating for our fees.

In case of legal action, competitive legal fees are recharged at cost and a provision is required in advance, which is based on a fair estimate of the legal costs.

Our values are:

Integrity Transparency Honesty Openness Accuracy Compliance Fairness Hard Work Expertise

What we aim to deliver consistently:

Effective recovery - Accurate and regular reporting - Clear advice on debt recovery strategy

Our Secret:

We are passionate about debt collection and have a 6th sense about debts!

Our tools:

Our collection software is a powerful tool which was jointly designed by collectors and lawyers to deliver a mix of user-friendly features together with attention to detail which enables multiple workflows to happen simultaneously.

We hold separate trust bank accounts for client funds, both in GBP and EUR.

We are members of the only Debt Collection Trade Association in the UK: CSA.

We have licensed access to commercial and consumer information databases which make it easier to enter into contact with debtors.

We record all of our telephone calls for training and quality purposes and we have the right to use these recordings – including in Court - for the resolution of any dispute that may arise.

We have our own network of Tracing Agents to locate absconders throughout the UK.

We have our own network of Process-Servers who can serve debtors in person, throughout the UK, with any legal notice or any other documents.

We have partnerships in place in all 3 UK jurisdictions (England & Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) so we can manage debt recovery through the Courts on behalf of TCM Group global clients.

We are your “one-stop-shop” for debt recovery.

But ultimately, debt collection is done by people. Our clients are serviced by their dedicated debt collection manager. All our staff regularly attend our training programme. We ensure that our collection team is able to use the tools we provide effectively and that all staff are kept up to date with the latest legislation and good practice rules on how to achieve compliant debt recovery.

Our Debt Collection Procedure

Our debt collection procedure is aimed at obtaining full payment from the debtor in the shortest possible time. Having said that, when dealing with debtors in financial difficulties, good practice demands that we assess the financial circumstances of the debtors to ensure that repayment plans are affordable and sustainable. In such situations, we will also monitor their financial circumstances regularly

Upon receipt of the client instructions to collect a debt we will process and validate the debtor’s data. We will analyse the nature of the debt and check the debtor against our commercial and consumer databases. We will always validate the name of a legal entity (Ltd, Plc, LLP, Proprietorship, Partnership…) and the address of all debtors to maximise the chances of contacting the debtor by post. At this stage we may detect corporate or personal insolvencies, “gone away” debtors, dissolved companies, etc...

Our workflows are a mix of letters, emails and phone calls, adapted to the nature and the value of the debt.

In the case of a “gone away” debtor, when our consumer database is not sufficient to relocate the debtor at a new address, your debt collection manager will recommend a trace.

On occasion and at our own discretion, we may decide that a face to face meeting with the debtor company may be beneficial in resolving the issue.

If after 8 weeks the debtor has not paid the debt or agreed to a repayment plan, we carry out a free legal assessment and providing the debt meets the required criteria, i.e. the debtor is correctly identified, confirmed at the address, trading or deemed sufficiently solvent, we will recommend legal action and quote for this action. We are able to use the legal systems in the three UK jurisdictions: England & Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. For debts below £10,000 in the jurisdiction of England & Wales, we can take an assignment of the debt and issue legal proceedings in our name.

When the debtor is a consumer or a trader, we initially need to proceed with the Pre-Action Protocol (PAP) for debt claims (procedure in force since 1st October 2017). If the PAP does not produce any results we will then quote for legal action.

If the debtor is in the jurisdiction of England & Wales and if the conditions are right - i.e. undisputed debt above £750 for registered companies or £5000 for consumers or traders with potential solvency issues - we may instead recommend a Statutory Demand (= formal threat of Winding Up) which could result in the company being placed in Liquidation or the consumer/trader in Bankruptcy.

We report to you every time important progress is made towards the resolution of the claim.

On or around 20th of every month, all the funds collected between 10th of the previous month and 10th of the current month are sent to you. Our commissions are usually deducted at source. Any monies held on the Client Account for less than £1,000 may be carried over to the following month