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The international debt collection for Belgium since 1993

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TCM Belgium

Ambachtenlaan 13 C, B-3001 Heverlee
+32 16 745 200

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Etienne van der Vaeren
Etienne van der Vaeren
TCM Belgium

TCM Belgium

International Debt Collectors since 1993

Successfully collecting international debt in Belgium since 1993, TCM Belgium has established itself as a pioneer in the soft approach to recovering accounts receivables. Our domestic and international creditors know that their debt—and the health of their business relations—are in the best of hands when they entrust their claims to us. And all of our consumer debt and commercial invoice recovery services are on a contingent fee basis: in other words, if we don’t recover your debts, we don’t get paid.

With over 20 years experience, our knowledge of the Belgian economy, culture, and law is second to none. Through our membership in TCM Group International, we also enjoy seamless integration with partners in 150 countries (from the Americas to Asia). Pooling our expertise with that of our network associates, we are part of what is truly a global organisation of exacting quality standards on the international debt collection scene.

Quality—Our Highest Priority

Our highest priority is to deliver you with the best and most creditor-friendly debt collection services—no matter where you are. This naturally entails the actual cashing of claims, but it also means:

  • promptly dispatching factual information to you (e.g. on new claims and the collection process);
  • systematically transferring recovered funds to your accounts (automated banks transactions are a standard feature of our collection software);
  • scrupulously maintaining industry leadership in ethical collection practices (we are member of various associations, including the Belgian Collectors Association);
  • regularly providing our staff with continuing training in the areas of consumer debt and commercial invoice recovery and international debt collection (including trainings provided by the Belgian Collectors Association and distinguished guest speakers); and
  • systematically monitoring results and third party communications.
Our International Debt Collection Methods

Upholding your business reputation and maintaining healthy creditor-debtor relations is part of our quality guarantee. Our proven methods of amicable debt collection are sending letters, making phone calls, and having our dedicated team of experienced mediators visit debtors on site. In 98 percent of cases, we have promptly, amicably and successfully recovered debts out of court. When a solvent debtor still refuses to pay, we offer court action.

Types of Claims | Types of Clients

We collect small and large claims (varying from €20 to several million); the average claim in 2012 was €1858 (consumer and commercial claims taken together). That same year we collected cash for 482 different clients from all types of services (e.g. governments, banks, catering companies, IT firms, legal and health specialists, and other debt collectors) and industries (e.g. chemicals, building, packaging, energy, printing, steel, textile, and transportation industries). We are also the domestic debt collection agency of choice for 700 Belgian schools.