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International debt collection for Sweden since 1983

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TCM Sweden - Profina International AB

Collecting Debt Since 1983

One of Sweden’s oldest and most respected domestic and international debt collection agencies, Profina International AB (TCM Sweden) has been successfully doing business since 1983. With three strong divisions to our name—the other two being Profina Finance AB and Profina Legal—Profina Group offers a comprehensive range of credit management services.

Not long after our founding in 1983, the Group expanded with the purchase of a commercial law and international debt collection firm. Soon thereafter, we acquired a finance company and along with it the ability to provide an extensive range of factoring and lease services, thus ensuring our clients one-stop solutions in credit management.

We Are Financially Strong—We Enjoy National & Global Presence

Profina Group is privately run and owned. Our shareholders and board members are active in the management, and vital decisions can be made on short notice—an invaluable strength in a rapidly changing world. We are financially strong, with the domestic and global resources to provide you with the highest level of service—no matter where you are.

With our national HQs based in Stockholm and with local offices in Malmoe (south), Halmstad (southwest), and Sundsvall (north), we boast a truly nation-wide presence in all parts of Sweden. As debt collectors, we handle all types of claims: domestic, international, B2B, major accounts, and consumer debts.

With a success rate of 80 to 85 percent in domestic and international debt collecting, Profina International was voted top quality in TCM Group for three consecutive years running (2009, 2010, and 2011).

Quality through Expertise

In order to stay ahead, our company policy is to employ the most qualified personnel available. This enables us to take on assignments that our competitors are unable to handle in-house. Our staff are highly specialized in certain business segments and make sure to keep abreast of the technical and legal developments in their areas of expertise. This means that, as our client, you not only have skilled collectors to turn to, but reliable advisors as well.

We work with specialized computer systems that use the latest technology, enabling us to stay in touch with you, your debtor, authorities, and local branch offices on a regular basis. Whether you are a small family firm or a global enterprise, you can rely on us to safeguard the health of your cash flow.

Protecting your best interests is what we do best.

Experienced Litigators | Prudent Collectors

Profina Law’s litigators are veterans in handling all kinds of legal assignments in local courts, boards of arbitration, special courts, and the Supreme Court of Sweden. Profina Finance deals mostly with factoring and loans.

Our methods of collection vary with the type of claims that we are entrusted to collect but always include a skilled manager of cross-border claims working jointly with one of our in-house lawyers.

As Profina is a well-known and well-respected operator in credit management, our name on a letter of demand usually indicates to a debtor that it is time to settle.

In order to protect our and your distinguished name and reputation, we do not accept to undertake debt collection measures in files where the legal ground of the claim is doubtful. This means that we have from time to time turned down companies seeking our assistance. In the long run this policy of prudence has stood us and our clients in good stead, for the authorities and debtors know that when we issue a letter of demand, it stands on firm lawful ground.

Our Assignments

We handle approximately 95,000 debt collection assignments on a yearly basis. The average file is worth €2,000, but large claims in the area of millions are frequently dealt with by our legal department.

Our policy of collecting consumer debts and international cases on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis has turned out to be a winning concept for us and our clients. The interest we vest in solving cases is thus identical with that of our 1,500 clients.

We Measure Our Success by the Health of Your Bottom Line

Our success rate in debt collection varies. For instance, in the collections we undertake for the Swedish state authorities, our hit rate is well over 90 percent. However, when clients have tried to collect themselves for a long time before handing the case over to us, the hit rate goes down substantially. We understand that the perfect outcome for our clients is a claim paid in full and a debtor that comes back for more business.

Our Clients

Our clients include global and national banks, credit insurers, state-owned enterprises, authorities, major international corporations, and small family-owned companies—the core of national business life.