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International debt collection in Romania since 2007

EUROPE - Romania

TCM Romania—Țarălungă & Țarălungă Law Office

Țarălungă & Țarălungă Law Office

Calea Mosilor 298, bl. 48, sc. A, 6th floor,
apt. 22, 2nd District, Bucharest, Romania.
Telephone: +(4) 0724 554 200 | +(4) 0721 054 714

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Răzvan Țarălungă
Răzvan Țarălungă
TCM Romania

TCM Romania — Țarălungă & Țarălungă Law Office

International debt collection experts for Romania since 2007, Țarălungă & Țarălungă

Law Office—TCM Romania—was established as an independent practice in accordance with Law 51/1995 under Romania law. Our founders, Andreea Țarălungă and Răzvan Țarălungă, are long-standing members of The National Association of Romanian Bars (NARB) and The Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE).

What distinguishes our firm from similar services providers on the Romanian market is our unyielding commitment to client satisfaction and employee expertise together with the seamless integration of our services with a global network of over 160 debt collection agencies.

Our team of professionals is not only dynamic and efficient: it has a solid knowledge of a wide range of legal areas—from family and employment law to commercial and civil law—and has accumulated impressive practical experience in the area of litigation and debt-related court procedures.

And we know that, without our staff, we would not be able to provide the high quality professional legal services to our clients that we do. That is why we are continuously investing in training programmes to ensure our employees are at the forefront of knowledge innovation, skill development, and new technologies in our service fields.

Our goal has always been steady growth, and now, as members of TCM Group International, the most respected and efficient global network of debt collectors, we are proud to represent Romania on the global stage of over 160 member countries.

Our relationship with you—the client—is our number one priority.

What We Do

We offer a diverse range of legal and debt-related services to Romanian and international businesses and individuals. These services include:

  • debt collection and recovery (B2B and B2C)
  • legal consultation
  • mediation
  • litigation in Romanian and EU Courts of Law
  • company formation
  • insolvency procedures

It has to be stressed, however, that the area in which we have accumulated the most expertise and experience is in the field of debt collection. This is partly due to the business climate in Romania, but it is also due to our abiding passion for bringing about financial restitution—and therefore economic stability—in uncertain times.

Our Debt Recovery Methods

Our debt recovery methods in the amicable phase include researching debtor data, making phone calls, sending notification letters and e-mails, paying on-site visits, reviewing assets, and establishing payment plans. Because we work on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis in the amicable phase, we are driven by success in eliminating delinquent debt from your books.

It goes without saying that we will do everything in our power to find an amicable resolution to your debt collection issue. This means that we do what we can to circumnavigate a legal conflict with your debtor and to preserve your business relations. In fact, we have solved the majority of our files at the negotiation phase. That said, we do not shy away from a legal dispute, having successfully represented our clients’ interests before Romanian and EU courts and in national enforcement procedures.

Bankruptcy—Our Speciality

We have also acquired extensive experience in recent years in the all-important areas of bankruptcy, liquidation, and insolvency. As specialists in these areas, we offer such services as strategy appraisal in the case of imminent bankruptcy and debt recovery assistance after a bankruptcy judgement has been passed down.

Three Reasons Why You Should Partner with Us

1. Whether it is mediation or debt collection, legal consultation or legal representation, our services exhibit the utmost professionalism and highest standards on the domestic and international markets.

2. Through our comprehensive partnership network, we are in a position to offer you—the client—a complete suite of legal and financial services. Our partners include registered debt collectors the world over, financial experts of every ilk, public notaries, and bailiff offices.

3. In partnering with us, you are guaranteed services that are fully aligned with the values enshrined in Romanian Law and the Code of Ethics of the Profession of Romanian Lawyers.