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International debt collection for Norway since 1985

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Ragnhild Andenæs
Ragnhild Andenæs
TCM Norway

TCM Norway—Visma Collectors AS

International Debt Collectors since 1985

International debt collection in Norway has just gotten much easier with TCM Norway (Visma Collectors AS). Our record speaks for itself. For over three decades now, we have been successfully engaging in accounts receivable management activities at home, in the Nordic economic area, and around the world—all on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis.

As part of the Visma Group (www.visma.com), we have offices in Oslo and Trondheim and as such are in a prime position to offer your business Norway- and Nordic-wide collection services at minimum cost to your books.

What’s more, our membership of TCM Group, a world-leader in global debt recovery, ensures our services are seamlessly aligned with those of over 150 of our Group partners and affiliates, giving you the benefit of local representation and solution-driven efficiency from professional agents in every economic zone in the global market.

Our Services Focus on Automation & Recovery Rates

Visma has invested heavily in developing solutions that allow SMBs and large companies to manage their entire cycle of accounts receivable in one automated flow, with real-time updates of customer payments in their sales ledgers. As a Visma customer, you are able to dispatch your own reminders and outsource this function as part of your domestic or international debt collection effort, all from your own ERP system.

Visma Collectors offer an extensive range of industry-standard services: from the entire order-to-cash process (including ARM and invoicing) to international debt collection. One area that is becoming increasingly important in the strategic deployment of debt collection services is e-invoicing. We process in excess of one million e-invoices every month on behalf of our clients.

According to a recent Experian analysis, Visma Collectors delivers the highest recovery rate among its peers in Norway, a record achieved by enhanced automated processes that enable our debt collection professionals to focus on productive, win-win dialogue with the debtor and, ultimately, successful pre-legal recovery.

Our Debt Collection Services—Fast, Efficient, Affordable

As a result of enhanced automation, we are able to transfer legal collection claims electronically to the National Collection Agency (NCA) in processing any legal claim for the local bailiff in Norway. In other words, you benefit from rationalized work processes that make our services fast, efficient and affordable.

In addition, as part of our domestic debt collection service, we provide you with free advice and monitoring along with ‘No Cure, No Pay’ pricing on any claim. Only when a claim is subject to legal processing will you incur legal fees.

Highly Dedicated Debt Collection Professionals

On enlisting our services, you will be assigned a personal service delivery manager who will monitor and advise you on your portfolio of claims throughout the entire collection activity.

Every member of our debt collection team has extensive experience and training in domestic, Nordic and international debt collection, and the majority of our collection professionals possess a collection licence from the Norwegian Financial Services Authority.

Such experience and expertise ensure optimum quality at every step of the debt collection process and, more importantly, successful recovery rates for your claims.

Web-based Reporting & Monitoring

As a client of Visma Collectors, you will have access to your portfolio via our Visma Collectors Cloud portal. Visma Collectors Cloud enables you to view all claims in real-time, including historical payments, actions, notes, and communications with your debt collection professional. Collectors Cloud also includes a comprehensive reporting tool, enabling real-time downloads of current portfolio reports, aging reports, legal process reports, payments reports, and more.

High Growth Industries & Clients

In addition to traditional B2B claims, both domestic and international, Visma Collectors manages debt collection portfolios on behalf of SMBs and large corporations within the utilities, parking, toll road, e-commerce/retail industry, and financial services sectors.

We have developed bespoke procedures for all types of industries in the hard-won knowledge that tailor-making services to industry-specific requirements enhances recovery rates.

Let Visma Collectors Help You Today

At Visma Collectors, we are here to assist you with your all of your collection needs, be they in Norway, the Nordic economic area, or across the globe. Call or email us today to discuss your portfolio and requirements and we will provide you with one of the most competitive offers on the market.