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International debt collection for the Netherlands since 1985

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TCM Netherlands—NIB Group

International Debt Collectors and Credit Managers since 1985

International debt collection and credit management specialists for the Netherlands since 1985, NIB Group has become the partner of choice for the Netherlands Government, numerous public bodies, and businesses from nearly every sector of the Netherlands’ and global economy. We are able to offer you an extensive range of business-to-consumer and business-to-business debt collection and credit management services in your efforts to get cash flowing again—no matter where you, or your debtor, may be.

Founded in 1985 by Mr. Hennie Wesselsz, the Nationaal Incasso Bureau Group (NIB Group) is based on a clear vision of efficient, effective and ethical debt collection and credit management processes. Mr. Wesselsz, who is still the owner and sole shareholder of the company, fervently believes in the necessity of such a vision for the health of cross-border trade and society at large.

NIB Group comprises the ‘Nationaal Incasso Bureau’, the National Collection Agency in the Netherlands; ‘NIB Juristen’, provider of legal services; ‘Wesselsz Gerechtelijke diensten’, provider of judicial services; and TCM Netherlands, specialists in global debt collection.

Our Debt Collection Services—From Local to Global Strength

Since 1985 we have grown into a leading organization in international debt collection and credit management on the European market. And yet, providing amicable recovery actions in the Netherlands still remains one of our core activities.

Over the years we have extended our suite of services to include, among other things:

  • receivables management;
  • factoring;
  • outsourcing;
  • judicial collection procedures; and
  • the provision of an adequate execution trajectory.

Because our services are so extensive, we are in a position to deliver optimal solutions no matter what your debt collection problem may be. Our proud membership of TCM Group also means that national borders represent no cultural or legal limitation to the collection of your debt.

In tandem with our network affiliates, our priority is to work in closest proximity to you and your debtor for an efficient, effective and ethical out-of-court resolution to your outstanding accounts. We always aim to preserve both your image and the image of your debtor at all costs. But should judicial enforcement prove the only way to make your debtor meet its obligations, our team of seasoned litigators will not shy away from legal action.

NIB Group knows no challenge too big or too small, which is why we do not distinguish between medium-sized and multinational companies and non-for-profit organizations.

Ensuring Professionalism in All Our Collection and Management Services

To ensure the services you receive are as professional as they can be, NIB Group—and TCM Netherlands—puts a high premium on a number of key operational components.

1. Our back offices play a vital role. They are responsible for collecting claims, maintaining contact with clients, and overseeing debt collection court proceedings.

2. We develop our own IT systems, drawing on a wealth of recent experience, technical knowledge, and market developments to make continuous improvements.

3. Our employees’ training and experience means that they know how to deliver results. By maintaining close and regular contact with your organization, they can respond immediately to any changes in your case or to any new requirements or wishes you may have.

4. Careful consideration is always given to how our organization can best cooperate with yours. Scrupulous attendance to the minutest practical details enables us to tailor our services to suit your needs for as close and personalized a ‘fit’ as possible. To this end, we always make sure that the person or persons assigned to your case are in full knowledge of all case details and that they keep in contact with you on a regular basis.

No Obligations

NIB Group does not operate using contracts or subscriptions, and we place you under no obligation to purchase our services. Any terms we agree with you can be laid down in an SLA.

Long-Lasting Client Relationships

It goes without saying that we invest a great deal in client relationships, building an atmosphere of mutual trust and confidence and making it our business to know how your business ticks. The return on such investment speaks for itself, for many of our clients have been with us since the Group’s inception, or shortly thereafter, and levels of client satisfaction have always been consistently high. Indeed, all of our processes are geared toward acting in the best interests of your organization.

After more than 25 years of experience at home and abroad, our operating procedures and Group philosophy have matured to an optimal alignment.