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International debt collection for Italy since 1960

EUROPE - Italy


Nivi Credit SRL

Via O.da Pordenone 20

50127 Florence
+39 055 34 40 351

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Cristina Alberti
Cristina Alberti
TCM Italy

TCM Italy—Nivi Credit SRL

International Debt Collectors since 1960

International debt collection experts for Italy for over half a century, TCM Italy—Nivi Credit SRL—offers a comprehensive range of fast, effective and ethical collection services, allowing you—the creditor—to recoup your outstanding receivables while you maintain a healthy business relationship with your debtor and preserve your good reputation.

Nivi Credit SRL was founded in Florence in 1988 when it took over from the older Nivi Company, a sole proprietorship established in 1960 by Mr. Vito Nicosia both for the purveyance of financial and commercial information and for the collection of domestic and transnational debt. The sole director of Nivi Credit SRL is Mr. Nicosia’s son, Luigi.

Debt Collection in the Hands of Professionals

Handled by the company’s consummate debt collection professionals, our collection activities are based on the utmost transparency in terms of client-debtor relations. A further primary focus of our collection activities is on gathering information aimed at finding the best solution to any debt collection problem.

Thanks to our membership of TCM Group International, a distinguished network of over 150 partners across the globe, we are proud to be able to provide you with best quality debt recovery services on a truly global scale—all on a ‘no collection no fee’ basis. Our strict compliance with national and international quality standards also ensures maximum efficiency in the field of out-of-court debt collection.

Nivi Credit is also a member of UNIREC in Italy, ACA in the US, and FENCA in Europe. In February 2010, we collaborated with UNIREC and ADICONSUM (one of the most important consumers’ associations in Italy) for the creation of EBITEC (‘Ente Bilaterale Nazionale per la Tutela del Credito’), which is the first agreement in Europe between organizations representing the opposite parts of the same procedure.

Our Debt Collection Services—What You Can Expect

When you enlist our debt collection services, here is what you can expect:

  • detailed knowledge of the culture and territory where your debtor operates (e.g., through local socioeconomic analysis);
  • extended coverage in foreign territories through the TCM network;
  • efficiency in executing services as a result of insider familiarity with the legislation of the country your debtor is doing business in;
  • professionalism of internal and external staff that are kept on their toes through regular training courses;
  • best quality services both in court and out of court (e.g., sending of notices of payment, phone collection, home collection, information and surveys, and offline services);
  • constant updates on the progress of entrusted claims;
  • immediate and secure transfer of payments according to agreements made;
  • solid experience in the field of debt recovery either in B2B or B2C; specialization in the research and collection of commercial information on Italian and foreign companies; and
  • professional and cost-effective legal assistance and advice.
We Specialize in Your Interests

We specialize in providing you with high quality debt collection services that are tailor-made to suit your specific debt collection needs, be they in the form of micro and macro credits.

Our professionalism and strict adherence to national and international codes of ethics have garnered us recognition as one of the most important companies in the management of local and global debt collection.

Our Customers

In our customers’ list you will find important Italian and foreign companies and more than 650 public administrations (e.g., Italian Motorway Company, Municipal and Local Police Departments, and State Health Agencies).