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International debt collection in Israel since 1985



TCM Israel

55 Menachem Begin St. Tel-Aviv 6713813, ISRAEL
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Isaac Eilat
Isaac Eilat
TCM Israel

TCM Israel—Isaac Eilat Law Offices

International Debt Collectors since 1985

International debt collection experts for Israel, Isaac Eilat Law Firm—TCM Israel—was founded in 1985 to deliver tailor-made solutions for domestic and international debt collection problems. Since then, we have garnered a solid reputation as one of Israel’s most respected and high-performing debt collection offices. Every year we settle dozens of thousands of cases at home and abroad; our client satisfaction rate is among the most consistently high on the domestic market.

Over the years, we have developed a unique set of debt collection procedures. Together with our highly skilled employees, our continuing investment in the latest technologies, and our partnering with only the most reliable and respected subcontractors, these procedures allow us to provide you with excellence and professionalism at every stage of the collection process.

And through our proud membership of the world’s most comprehensive and exacting debt collection network—TCM Group International—our quality and effectiveness promise stretches across five continents and to over 160 countries. Our office also serves as proxy for some of the world’s most distinguished debt collection agencies.

Our Debt Collection Ethos Is Based on Dignity—Ours, Yours and Your Debtor’s

We do not take the job of managing your money and your reputation lightly. On the contrary, our sense of responsibility in executing such an important task couldn’t be sharper. Our collection philosophy is defined by the dignity of all parties involved: our dignity as the custodian of your best interests; your debtor’s dignity as the obligor whose onus needs to be shouldered; and your dignity as the obligee whose bond needs to be honoured. In other words, we are as unyieldingly firm as the situation commands, but we also see the prudence of treating your debtor with the fairness and respect it deserves. This means we are both fierce advocates of your creditor rights and accomplished diplomats when it comes to protecting your future business interests and your good name. After all, your debtor may turn into your most valued client in the long-term.

Our Contingency Fee Structure Drives Our Success—And Yours

Because we operate on a contingency fee basis in the amicable phase, we couldn’t be more incentivized to bring your debt collection case to successful conclusion. And because we can call upon over three decades of experience and expertise, we couldn’t be more confident that you have made the best decision for your company’s financial health in partnering with us.

As testimony to just how realistic and reasonable this confidence is, we need only mention the loyalty of our partners and the robustness of our partnerships. Our clients know that the strength and fluency of their cash flow is our highest priority—that your success, our success, and ultimately the debtor’s success are intimately interwoven.

We invite you to participate in our success story.