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International debt collection for Ireland since 1976

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Jason Harte
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International Debt Collectors since 1976

Experts in international debt collection in Ireland and around the world for close to four decades now, Mason Hayes & Curran (“MHC”)—TCM Ireland—is a full-service business law firm employing over 330 staff, including 73 partners and more than 127 solicitors. We are an award-winning law firm and part of the ‘Big 6’ in Ireland. With offices in Dublin, New York, and London, we provide a broad range of legal services to multinational, institutional and government clients.

Our approach to debt recovery is solution-driven. We combine commercial awareness with intellectual precision and technical expertise, which means that we seek to exceed your expectations, both on a national and international level. This is easy to say, but very difficult to execute consistently.

Success in Debt Collection Since 1976

MHC’s Debt Recovery Department is one of the largest and most successful debt recovery practices in Ireland and the department itself has been in operation since 1976. As such, we have over 35 years’ experience collecting troublesome debts for clients and advising how to establish best practice mechanisms.

Our debt recovery department is both experienced and knowledgeable of the recovery requirements of a wide variety of creditors, including public bodies, banks, limited companies, individuals, and asset finance companies. We have provided debt collection services to many Irish and international clients, and this extensive global experience of debt recovery across a broad range of clients has resulted in our developing a clear methodology for collection of debt and for processes that ensure high quality, efficient services at all times. Our membership of TCM Group International augments our already international profile to include seamless debt collection coverage across every major economic region of the globe.

We specialize in volume debt recovery; our services include pre-legal debt collection right through to litigation in all Irish courts, subsequent enforcement of judgments obtained, and bankruptcy.

Our Priorities—Our Ethos

At all times in the course of our work, you and your reputation are our number one priority. The ethos of MHC and, more particularly, the debt recovery team is to approach every aspect of our business with an unrivalled dynamism and dedication. We understand the importance to your business of timely and accurate reporting upon the collection activity that we do.

The quality of MH&C’s service delivery was recognized when MH&C won the “Irish Firm of the Year” at the Chambers Europe Awards for Excellence 2014 held in London in April 2014. In 2013, MH&C was awarded the “Client Service Law Firm of the Year” at the same event. The Chambers Europe Awards for Excellence are presented annually and recognize outstanding law firms and legal professionals. The “Client Service Law Firm of the Year” award is based on feedback and recommendations made by clients in Ireland and around the world.

These awards demonstrate that excellence is a driving force in our business.

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Our Services Guarantee Proficiency & Professionalism

We are committed to guaranteeing a service of proficiency and professionalism for all our clients. In order to do so, our debt recovery team uses the most modern and efficient systems to ensure that debt collection matters are dealt with promptly, efficiently and cost-effectively, and to ensure that you are kept fully and regularly informed of the progress on all matters. This enables us to achieve the optimal outcome where your debt is concerned.

We currently provide recovery services for business-to-business collections and government and banking sectors in Ireland; and, fundamentally, these services are tailored and adapted to suit your individual reporting regimes and cycles. Each company varies so it is important to ensure that we have a comprehensive knowledge of your business and that terms of reference are agreed so debts can be dealt with in a consistent and professional manner.

Our Solutions—Mostly Pre-legal

Such is the experience and reputation of our debt recovery team that the majority of our cases are resolved without resorting to legal proceedings. While successful collection depends on many factors, we find that, on average, a large percentage of debts are collected following the initial letter of demand.

Effective & Cost-Effective Legal Solutions

If it transpires that your debt is to require legal proceedings, we have the necessary expertise in-house to ensure you are fully represented throughout these proceedings. We also have the expertise and knowledge to effectively enforce judgments throughout Ireland, at minimum cost to you, the judgment creditor.

We Know the Importance of Cash Flow to Your Business

We are aware that for your business, cash flow is the number one business issue and so we work closely with you to get the best results. We know that to be effective in recovering your debt, we need to get to know your business and your customers. Our many years’ experience in successfully collecting debts has allowed us establish procedures and practices to ensure that your case will be dealt with quickly and at minimum cost.

Our Clients

At MHC, our clients include the Irish Revenue Commissioners, certain Irish hospitals, and a number of major banking and financial institutions. We are instructed in debt recovery matters for in excess of 50 business clients and to these we offer unrivalled delivery of first class legal advice coupled with excellent and timely delivery of service.

International clients are a key element of our business and generate many of the big deals and big cases we handle. International clients will receive advice and service from us which, without fail, matches or exceeds the quality of advice and service to which they are accustomed.