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International debt collection for Germany since 1990

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TCM Germany - Seghorn Inkasso GmbH International

International Debt Collectors since 1990

Specialists in German and international debt collection for more than three decades, Seghorn Inkasso has been successfully helping domestic and international creditors recover consumer debts and commercial invoices on a strictly ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis.

In addition to a proven track record in clearing our clients’ books of delinquent debt, we have also shown impeccable performance levels when it comes to helping our clients maintain their customer base. Our foremost goal, therefore, is not only to collect your debt efficiently, but also to ensure that your customers continue to do business with you after the collection action.

Founded as a proprietary company in 1979 in Bremen, Seghorn stands for efficiency, reliability, and transparency at every leg of the collection process. Time and again we have demonstrated these qualities in all of our business dealings: from clear and regular communication with clients and their debtors to solid and durable contracts with auxiliary collection agencies. Our superior knowledge of German law and culture and of the German and global economy means that our clients know they are in safe hands when they place their debts with us.

At Seghorn, we place a high premium on knowledge and cooperation. Staff are kept abreast of all developments concerning a given case through a unique collection system which was developed by our IT department and which has proven to be highly effective in adapting to our clients’ needs. As long-term members of the prestigious international debt collection network TCM Group, we know just how important synergy between collections agents from different cultures and jurisdictions can be for your bottom line and our own.

Best Quality First

Delivering you with best quality debt collection and recovery services, whether you are operating in Germany or further afield, is our primary concern—always. This entails the following:

  • speedily cashing your claims;
  • promptly and regularly communicating information to you (e.g., on acknowledgement of new claims, on any developments in the collection process);
  • constantly monitoring and improving the quality of our collection methods;
  • transferring recovered funds to your German and/or international account through standardized procedures (direct debits from German bank accounts are included in our collection system);
  • adhering to a strict code of national and international collection ethics and data protection law (we are long-standing members of a number of associations in the collection industry, including the German Collectors Association (BDIU));
  • ensuring our staff maintain their expertise in the areas of consumer debt and commercial invoice recovery and international debt collection by providing regular training seminars (of particular importance here is the regular training our staff receive in a special psychology-based method for calling the debtor, one which has substantially increased the success of our collection efforts and led to high levels of continued business relations between creditor and debtor); and
  • promptly producing reports on all collections and communications.
How Do We Collect?

Our debt collection methods are industry-standard and include posting dunning letters, making phone calls, and sending emails when expedient. In the majority of cases we have promptly, amicably and successfully recovered debts out of court. Only when all amicable methods have proved ineffective do we propose taking legal action.

Debt Size | Client Type

We collect debts varying from €20 to several million euros. Our clients include insurance companies, banks, mail order companies, other debt collectors, power supply companies, car rental companies, companies in the transportation industry, and other providers.

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