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The international debt collection for France since 2008

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Guillaume Baudoux
Guillaume Baudoux
TCM France

TCM France—Order to Cash

International Debt Collectors since 2008

The specialists in France’s specialists infor domestic and international debt collection and debt recovery investigations, TCM France—Order to Cash—has been successfully recouping overdue monies for its clients since 2008.

As claim collection experts, we provide you with a comprehensive suite of industry-standard services: from tracing debtors and ascertaining the solvency of their businesses to collecting amicably and, if required, taking legal action. We handle claims against consumers, public bodies, and corporations which can be as small as €100 but which typically exceed €300,000.

Operating on the whole French domestic territory and internationally, we enjoy special agreements with a network of 200 bailiffs and attorneys that specialize in debt recovery, allowing us to offer ethical, efficient and cost-effective collection and legal services. We achieve international collection through our membership of TCM Group International, one of the truly global debt collection networks.

TCM France also provides advisory services in account receivables management to help companies optimize their DSO and reduce credit risk.

Smart Debt Collection Processes

We always tailor our debt collection processes to suit your unique collection requirements, making sure to incorporate your goals and your debtor’s response in any steps we take.

Knowing how important your clients are to your business, we strive at all times to maintain a positive rapport with the debtor throughout the collection process and act only in accordance with the highest standards of professional ethics. As there are as many different debtor reactions as there are debtors, we adopt a policy of agility and flexibility in adapting to debtor arguments.

If you have numerous small claims to entrust, we will craft a tailor-made collection plan and offer a commission schedule specific to your case. Do not hesitate to consult us on any debt collection issue that is troubling you.

Legal Expertise Helps Pre-Legal Collection Efforts

We believe it is necessary to have superior knowledge of the collection legal framework to convince debtors to pay their debts as soon as possible. That’s why all of our debt collectors are either experienced lawyers or skilled collection professionals.

We let the debtor understand in no uncertain terms that payment is inevitable and that not paying up will only exacerbate the situation by prolonging their debtorship and increasing their costs through interest and penalty accruals for late payment.

Approximately 80% of our claims are recovered out-of-court.

We Believe in Transparency

We provide regular updates to our clients and make sure our collection fees are crystal clear. We charge pre-legal collection on a “no cure no pay” basis—in order words, fees are charged on collected sums only. The commission rate depends directly on the overdue balance entrusted per debtor.

If we go legal (usually when the unpaid amount exceeds €1,000), we offer a fixed price for steering the entire procedure. We strive to reduce legal costs to a minimum.

Comprehensive Information = More Effective Debt Collection

If the debtor has moved or does not react to our letters, we offer a tracing service to find his new address or phone number.

To avoid the needless accumulation of costs and to ensure the feasibility of the enforced payment of claims, we make a point of verifying the solvency of a company or of locating the employer or bank account of the debtor before initiating legal action.

Our Clients—Companies Large & Small

Since 2008, we have collected debts for over 500 clients from sectors such as industry, logistics, finance, education, hospital care, IT services, communication, recruitment, and construction.

Summary of Our Collection Services
  • Domestic and international collection of consumer debts or commercial invoices
  • Tracing of debtors and business credit reports to improve recovery chances
  • Consulting in credit management to speed up your client’s payment

TCM France—Order to Cash—is headquartered in Paris and our team of collectors is based in Rouen (Normandy).


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