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International debt collection for Estonia since 1997

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OK Incure

Mustamäe tee 16,10617 Tallinn
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Andy Noormets
Andy Noormets
TCM Estonia

TCM Estonia—OK Incure OÜ

International Debt Collectors since 1997

Estonia’s global debt collection experts for the past 17 years, Incure has become a leading name in delivering best quality debt collection and credit management services. Our reputation is based on a successful track record in recovering consumer debt and commercial invoices on a “No Win, No Fee” basis and in developing credit policies that maximize your revenue while keeping risk at a minimum.

Incure was established in 1997 as a third-party collection agency with the explicit aim of providing professional and cost-effective collection and credit management services to creditors in Estonia and worldwide. Since then, we have been consistent in making sure our clients receive the best of the best not only in terms of our knowledge of Estonian culture and customs and the Estonian judicial system, but also when it comes to service delivery, ethical standards, and global expertise.

Our Debt Recovery Service Packages

We offer debt recovery service packages that avert emergency of debts as well as take comprehensive account of all possible outcomes, including dispute mediation and judicial procedures. By enlisting our services, you choose to work with a team who is passionate about 1) warding off the serious risk to your business that comes with customer debt crisis and 2) improving your customer’s overall payment conduct while keeping your reputation in tact.

And because we are members of TCM Group International, one of the world’s most respected international debt collection networks, you are assured the services we provide are of the highest quality and ethical standards. Our membership of a global consortium also means that our services are seamlessly integrated with those of our affiliates in over 100 countries in every major economic region of the globe.

Debt Collection Quality at Your Service

To provide you with the most professional, cost-effective and ethical debt collection services possible, we put a high premium on achieving quality levels that conform to the most demanding standards in the industry. And how do we do this? By ensuring

  • we take care of all your needs through personalized, tailor-made service packages;
  • all client agreements are unambiguous and transparent;
  • all correspondence with you and your debtor is clear, factual and on a regular basis;
  • all collection results are systematically monitored and promptly relayed to you;
  • we consult you on any steps taken in your name before such steps are taken;
  • all recovered monies are transferred promptly and securely;
  • our conduct is always in line with the highest ethical standards in the industry; and
  • our staff are kept abreast of the latest developments in the area of domestic and international debt collection.
Our Debt Collection Methods

Our pre-legal collections steps, nearly all of which are offered on a “No Collection, No Fee” basis, include the following procedures:

  • verification of debt;
  • debtor tracking;
  • sending regular demand letters and e-mails;
  • drafting and negotiation of payment plans;
  • making regular outgoing calls;
  • visiting debtors on-site*;
  • issuing a notice to commence legal action; and
  • taking legal actions (N.B.: only after we receive your written agreement).

*Tracing charge applies.

Debt Collection Legal Action in Estonia

Should you decide to undertake a legal action in Estonia, please note that

  • the general limitation period for lawsuits is usually three years, with some exceptions stretching to 10 years;
  • court proceedings that take less than three years are available;
  • the judicial system has three grades, the highest being the Supreme Court;
  • payment of state tax is mandatory on submission of a claim to a court.
Our Claims and Clients

We collect small and large claims in both B2B and B2C scenarios (varying from €500 to millions of euro). The average claim in 2013 was €870 (calculated on the basis of consumer and commercial claims combined). Our success rate for prompt and amicable out-of-court debt recovery has stayed at approximately 65 per cent since our inception.

Our client portfolio consists of businesses and entities from the following areas: government, bank and finance, IT firms, legal specialists, and other debt collectors. Industries in which we have attained specialization include the building, packaging, energy, printing, and transportation industries.