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International debt collection for Egypt since 2003




37 Kasr el Nil Street, 2nd Floor, flat n° 12, Cairo
+202 23954282 / + 202 23909115 / Fax: + 202 23954280

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Laila Saleh
Laila Saleh
TCM Egypt

TCM Egypt

International Debt Collectors since 1999

International debt collection specialists for Egypt, TCM Egypt has been successfully serving clients in the commercial and banking sectors for close to 15 years. In that time, our joint-stock company has gained expert knowledge in retrieving consumer debts and commercial invoices, both on the Egyptian market and worldwide. As members and shareholders in TCM Group International, we are committed to excellence and integrity at every stage of the debt collection process.

Partnering with us means partnering with quality … on a global scale. And because we don’t get paid if you don’t get your money back, we do everything in our power to ensure that your time and money do not go to waste and that your debts are recovered—quickly, amicably, professionally.

Quality Collections through Professionalism

Our mission is to provide you with best quality international debt collection services through maintaining the highest professional standards in the industry. To this end, we

  • never compromise your business relations with your debtor (see TCM’s Code of Compliance);
  • strive for amicable debt resolution where possible, but offer litigation when necessary (only after receiving approval from you and engaging in thorough legal analysis do we initiate court proceedings);
  • have installed quality controls at every stage of the collection process, from initial and continuing correspondence to debtor contact and secure transfer of funds; and
  • ensure our staff maintain their leading expertise in consumer debt collection and commercial invoice recovery by providing them with on-going training.
Your Business—Our Methods

We understand your business depends on the health of its cash flow, on good relations with its customers, and on its good reputation. That’s why we make use of a diverse range of collection methods to achieve the highest rates possible in speedily and amicably collecting debt. These methods include sending dunning letters, making telephone calls, and dispatching experienced field agents to visit debtors on-site for settlement negotiations. In 78 per cent of our cases, we recover out of court. Only wWhen we have exhausted all means of amicable collection do, we offer litigation.

Claims & Clients—Big & Small

Whether it’s a small consumer debt or a large commercial invoice, we are there for you. We have handled cases from a few hundred to millions of dollars, with the average claim in 2012 coming to $2000.

We collect for small local businesses and multinational corporations alike. The insurance, bank, telecommunications, shipping, wholesale, and import/export sectors are just some of the areas of which we have specialist knowledge.