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International debt collection for Denmark since 2003

EUROPE - Denmark


Nordic Debt Collection A/S

Teglholm Alle 13.1 Floor, 2450 Copenhagen SV
+45 70 20 27 55

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Anders Gericke
Anders Gericke
TCM Denmark

TCM Denmark—Nodeco A/S

International Debt Collectors since 2003

Serving as Danish and global debt collectors for over a decade now, Nordic Debt Collection A/S, or Nodeco, has been recovering domestic and international receivables for a broad palette of small- to-medium-sized firms, but also for bigger clients, including a number of Danish and foreign national banks.

In the 13 years since our founding, we have quickly established ourselves as key players on the Danish and international debt collection scene, especially in recovering commercial invoice claims and consumer debts where a signed promissory note is forthcoming. We have also garnered proven experience in handling claims inside the enforcement court, with or without opposition.

Nodeco is a full service debt collection company, which means that we handle the collection process from the instigation of collection proceedings to the completion of collection with the transfer of monies owed. Full service also means comprehensive global leverage, for through our membership of the distinguished international debt collection network TCM Group we are in a position to put the expertise of any of our 150+ associates around the world at your fingertips.

Professional Debt Collection Services

At Nodeco, we pride ourselves on the consummate professionalism of our services. That’s why our employees are either seasoned commercial lawyers or professionally trained collection agents who can call on over a decade of extensive experience in debt collection.

Whether it is through timely credit assessment, amicable negotiations, or cost-effective litigation, we provide you with the best possible chance of successful receivables recovery, both in Denmark and worldwide. We make it our business to get to know your business, because only by doing so can we offer you solutions that are tailored to your individual needs.

Because all our collection services are on a strictly ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis, we are just as concerned as you are in seeing your money returned to its lawful place.

Our Methods of Collection—Your Peace of Mind

Our emphasis at all times in any communication with your debtor is personableness and equality. No matter what the debt collection issue, we will always strive to find a resolution through constructive, dispassionate dialogue based on the facts of the case. In doing so, our aim is to preserve your business relations with your debtor and to keep the likelihood of court action—and your costs—to an absolute minimum.

Most of our successful collection endeavours have been accomplished through the normal communication channels of sending dunning letters and making telephone calls. When these fail or the debtor proves impervious to our efforts, we recommend court action.

Clients & Industries

Evenly spread between B2B and B2C markets, our clients number as many as 5,200 in any given year. They come from industries that range from shipping and transport to telecommunications and health and electricity and finance.