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International debt collection for the Czech Republic since 2005

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TCM Czech Republic—DC Group, Ltd.

International Debt Collectors since 2005

Domestic and international debt collection specialists for the Czech Republic, TCM Czech Republic—DC Group—has become one of the first ports of call for excellence in debt recovery services on the Czech market and worldwide. Our reputation is built not only on our successful performance rates, but also on the cultivation of solid relationships with our clients.

New and long-standing clients know what they get when they hire DC Group’s services: transparency in all contractual agreements, clear targets, uncompromising professionalism, systematic recovery methods, loyalty, domestic and international expertise, and the highest ethical standards in the industry.

One of your greatest benefits in partnering with DC Group is knowing that your outstanding receivables—whether located within or outside of Czech jurisdiction—are in capable hands. Thanks to our intimate knowledge of Czech culture and the Czech law system and to our membership of TCM Group International, a global debt collection network of the highest quality and ethical standards, we can offer you levels of local and global debt collection expertise rarely matched by our competitors.

Testament to our quality and ethical guarantee is our continuing membership of TCM Group International, ACA International, and the Association of Collection Agencies of the Czech Republic.

Our Debt Collection Services

Specializing in the settlement of international and national debt collection claims inevitably means delivering expertise across the entire suite of our services, which include

  • tracing the debtor to establish communication;
  • inducing the debtor to pay through skilfull negotiations and mutually satisfactory payment plans;
  • managing your receivables, including actual collection;
  • collecting domestic and international debt;
  • processing credit reports;
  • implementing our own software to monitor the solvency of partners;
  • monitoring foreclosures and insolvencies; and
  • providing legal counsel and representation in business law, debt recovery, and insolvency.
Amicable and Legal Debt Recovery

Whether it is commercial invoice or consumer debt recovery, our first efforts to recover on your behalf will always be amicable. As of the fourth quarter of 2013, the success rate of our amicable recovery efforts lies at 60 percent, with clear signs of a steady upward trend.

If our out-of-court collection methods—for example, making telephone calls, sending written reminders, and making on-site visits—prove fruitless, we will draft and implement, in close consultation with you, a comprehensive litigation strategy for the recovery of your claim through the courts.

In almost 95 percent of court cases, we have been successful in obtaining a favourable outcome for our clients. Such a high success rate is based on the consummate professionalism of our legal department, which, in constantly monitoring any changes in legislation, ensures that it can react immediately to protect your best interests.

Our Mottos
  • Protect the interests of the client—always.
  • Play fair.
  • The client pays only after we recover.
  • No win, no fee.
Our Claims | Our Clients

When you hire DC Group, we assess your claim according to many criteria—for example, the age of the claim, the amount receivable, the traceability of the debtor, and the legitimacy of the claim—but we do not set a minimum amount for recoverable claims.

In 2012, our case yield numbered more than 46,000, with a combined worth in excess of 986 million koruna (over 39.2 million euro). Only 2.8 percent of these cases were rejected; of the accepted cases, 75 percent were fully or partially recovered.

More than 2,000 partners count among our satisfied clients; the majority have been cooperating with our company since its inception.

Our clients include major Czech companies in the banking and financial sectors and in the telecommunications, energy and manufacturing industries.

We specialize in your satisfaction.