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International debt collection in Bolivia since 1989



Building Ortuste & Associates

Barachavi Street, Barrio Urbari 501 -A West Zone,
second ring Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
phone +591 3-3596780

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TCM Bolivia

TCM Bolivia—Ortuste & Associates Law Firm

International Debt Collectors since 1989

International debt collection professionals for Bolivia, Ortuste & Associates Law Firm—TCM Bolivia—was established in 1989 and has its headquarters in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, with offices in Sucre, La Paz, Cochabamba, Beni, and Pando.

For over a quarter of a century now, we have been successfully providing our clients with a comprehensive spread of specialized legal and consultation services: from national and international debt collection services on a contingency fee basis and diverse arbitral and representative processes at the highest tribunal levels to all manner of juridical and appraisal services in the areas of maritime law and international sales agreements.

Our long-standing membership of TCM Group International—probably the world’s most respected and extensive global debt collection network—means that we are able to offer you international debt collection services that adhere to the highest quality and ethical standards in the industry—no matter where your outstanding debt may be located.

For instance, the Group’s yearly auditing programme ensures 1) you receive only best quality services regardless of what contact node is responsible for your case and 2) the network maintains the high ethical and performance standards for which it is renowned. Each member office must submit to this programme to secure membership renewal.

The Group’s AGMs, of which the yearly audits are a part, foster the cohesion and synergy that enable such effectiveness, efficiency, and seamlessness in service provision.

TCM, and therefore TCM Bolivia, has representation in over 150 countries and across five continents. TCM Bolivia is also a member of ACA International, CLLA, and LATINCOB.

Our Services—Debt Collection & Legal

We provide debt collection and legal services to individuals and to national and international public and private companies.

Debt Collection: We have achieved specialization in the complex area of domestic and transjurisdictional debt collection and can combine our collection and legal expertise with your needs to ensure an amicable solution to the debt issue.

General Legal: We have gained extensive experience in the areas listed below.

  • Appeals to the Supreme Court in all its rooms, i.e., the Civil Chamber and the Criminal, Social and Administrative Plenary Chambers
  • Competition resources in the Plurinational Constitutional Court
  • Resources before the National Agrarian Tribunal
  • Representation in and monitoring of cases in the Department of the Attorney General
  • Representation in proceedings before the various authorities of the ministries of the executive branch
  • Procedures for the enactment of new laws that benefit our customers
  • All types of process in the courts of ordinary justice at national level
  • Arbitral process in an international context

Maritime Law: We have also acquired formidable expertise in the area of maritime law, especially in

  • Maritime litigation in the courts of the Republic of Panama
  • Maritime trade
  • Cargo claims for any damage
  • Maritime claims (service charges to ships)
  • Collisions
  • Salvages
  • Charter contracts
  • Claims and maritime insurance recoveries
  • Retention or the hijacking of ships for bonds
  • Personal injury litigation
  • Creating partnerships in Panama for international business
  • Shipments of ships and shipping lists of defendants in Panama