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International debt collection for Australia since 2006

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Upper class Collection

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Graham Lacey
Graham Lacey
TCM Australia

TCM Australia—Upper Class Collections

International Debt Collectors since 2006

A premium provider of debt collection services in Australia and around the world, TCM Australia—Upper Class Collections—prides itself on being able to deliver specialized debt collection expertise that caters to our clients’ unique needs. In business since 2006, we have quickly acquired a thorough understanding of the complex and sometimes confusing debt collection laws that currently prevail in each of the different states and territories in Australia.

With a proven track record in excellence and professionalism, it comes then as no surprise that in the second quarter of 2014, Upper Class Collections joined forces with TCM Group International Ltd., an international debt collection network renowned for its exacting standards of service and integrity.

As TCM Australia, we are the network’s official representative Down Under. Our emphasis on international debt collection on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis means that you can be sure of one thing: we will always protect your interests, no matter what it takes, no matter what the stakes.

Please note that all our staff members undergo continual rigorous training and assessment to assure we provide our network partners around the globe—and you—with the most up-to-date knowledge, and hence the most effective services, on the domestic and international debt collection market.

Debt Collection Services We Provide

Either directly from within Australia or indirectly through your local TCM representative, Upper Class Collections ensures your interests are represented and protected with the dedication that we and TCM Group have become known for. In order to safeguard the health of your business’s cash flow, we provide a comprehensive set of industry-standard services. These include:

  • skip tracing (finding people);
  • credit reporting;
  • serving of documents;
  • field calls (on-site visits);
  • legal representation (we have solicitors in every state);
  • negotiation/mediation;
  • debt collection; and
  • receivables management.
Our Priorities

Commitment. We are determined to provide you with the very best—not just in terms of the professionalism of service, but also in terms of the maximum possible return for your investment. We tailor our debt collection services to suit your specific collection needs, with no additional costs incurred. Because our clients are as diverse as they are numerous, the services we provide, if they are to be worth their weight in gold, must also be equally diverse and numerous. Our commitment to finding effective, workable solutions on a client-by-client basis enables us to achieve the best result possible for your business, whether you are operating domestically Down Under and globally as an international player.

Excellence. Excellence in service can only come from excellence in teamwork. We handpick our collectors for the consummate qualities they possess and make sure they are kept on their toes by putting them through extensive and regular training. Our clients, reputable industry-leaders in their own right, use Upper Class Collections because they know doing business with us means doing business with excellence.

Maintaining amicable creditor-debtor rapport. We know how important preserving relations with your debtor is to your business’s reputation and its bottom line. In collecting your outstanding monies, then, we put the highest premium on maintaining amicable rapport between you and your client. Whether you are an international creditor doing business in Australia or an Australian creditor doing business at home, we will go out of our way to enhance your standing on the domestic Australian market.

Accountability. Our philosophy of uncompromising openness and accountability in everything we do ensures your reputation is in safe hands. Upper Class Collections has never received bad publicity, has never had a complaint lodged with the government, and has never been investigated by government authorities.

Technology. Upper Class Collections is investing heavily in developing new debt collection software; once it goes live, it will make Upper Class Collections one of the most advanced providers of debt collection services in the southern hemisphere.

Our Methods

The impressive success rates we achieve are accomplished by talking to the debtor as soon as possible. Generally we try to make contact within days of the debt placement and then negotiate to get the best result for our client. 99% of claims are settled out of court and if legal action is required, we have the support to make it happen quickly with as little cost to our client as possible. To encourage payment, we provide many payment options, including direct debit, cheque, Electronic Funds Transfer, cash, or credit card. We even have foreign currency accounts.

Our Clients

Upper Class Collections has a variety of clients from most sectors. Our larger clients include hospitals, major lending institutions, commercial companies, and educational institutions. Many of our clients are listed in Australia’s top 500 companies. Again, those who care about their reputation come to Upper Class Collections.