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17 Stycznia str. 10/12 05-500 Piaseczno Poland.
+48 22 735 0278

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Hubert Czapinski
Hubert Czapinski
TCM Poland

TCM Poland—Debtus

International Debt Collectors since 2003

International debt collection experts for Poland, TCM Poland (Debtus) has been successfully managing hundreds of deliquent debts and conducting countless court debt collection cases over the past 13 years for Polish and international creditors alike.

Since our foundation in 2003 we have made domestic and international debt collection on a strictly ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis our speciality. ‘No Win, No Fee’ means that you benefit from the highest level of professionalism and motivation in our staff and are assured a suite of services that puts your needs first.

Located in Poland, in the heart of Europe, our head office is the workplace of a team of highly qualified debt collection experts with more than 13 years experience in managing unpaid receivables. Our comprehensive knowledge of the Polish economy and the Polish legal system gives us the edge our local and foreign clients seek when it comes to efficient, successful and speedy debt recovery.

Partnering with Excellence for Local-Global Debt Collection

As a partner of TCM Group International, a distinguished global consortium of local debt collection agencies and boutique law firms, we are in a position to collect your outstanding receivables in over 150 countries around the world. TCM’s network’s worldwide fusion of debt collection services means that you benefit from the excellence of local legal and debt collection expertise on a truly global scale.

We are also a member of a very strong partner network of debt collection agencies and law firms in Poland that specializes in consumer debt and commercial invoice recovery. In the years that we have been in business, we have successfully collected hundreds of domestic and foreign bad debts. We are insured up to PLN 1,000,000 (approximately $320,000).

Debt Collection Services—Our Portfolio

Our portfolio of services includes, but is not limited to,

  • out-of-court debt collection;
  • court debt collection;
  • skip tracing;
  • credit reports; and
  • business information.
Delivering the Highest Quality Debt Collection Services

Delivery of the highest quality debt collection services available on the local and international market is our top priority. Apart from the successful closing of debt claims, our services also entail:

  • a ‘No Win, No Fee’ fee structure for all out-of-court debt collection procedures;
  • making personal visits to both business and individual debtors;
  • keeping you constantly updated with prompt and factual information on the debt collection process;
  • transferring your funds to domestic and international accounts via secure bank transactions;
  • abiding by national and international codes of ethical debt collection practices (we are members of various international debt collection associations including American Collector Association).
  • training our staff on an ongoing basis in the latest advancements in consumer debt and commercial invoice recovery practices.
Our Team Puts Your Collection Needs First

Our team realizes just how important your business relationships are to the health of your bottom line. That’s why our hand-picked agents will always engage the full palette of amicable collection strategies at their disposal first before recommending litigation. That’s why our team’s solution-driven approach has been so successful over the years (a high percentage of our cases are brought to successful, out-of-court conclusion), as it aims to align the needs of both parties in an atmosphere of mutual cooperation and trust. Only in a small number of cases—when solvent debtors refuse to pay— do we urged our clients to undertake court action.

Our Claims

Our claims range in value from less than a hundred euros to million of dollars. In 2013 the average claim was $15,000. During the same year, we recovered debts for dozens of client types from all sectors of the economy, including small online retailers, law offices, insurers, and multinationals. Our larger clients operate in the insurance and steel industries.