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International debt collection for India since 1999


MNS Credit Management Group (P) Ltd

TCM INDIA—MNS Credit Management Group (P) Ltd.

906, DLF Tower A, District Centre
Jasola, New Delhi - 110 025
Phone: +91-11-26954955/66

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Seema Kumar
Seema Kumar
TCM India

TCM India—MNS Credit Management Group

International Debt Collectors since 1999

The premier international debt collection firm for India since 1999, TCM India—MNS Credit Management Group—offers boutique services in commercial debt recovery, business information reports, and legal consultation at a global level.

Headquartered in New Delhi, we are a nationally and internationally respected credit management company that provides a full range of debt collection services to our clients around the world. As a longstanding member of the distinguished TCM Group International, the world’s largest and most extensive global network of collection agencies, we have a proven track record of successfully helping creditors manage their overdue invoices, credit and receivables, wherever they are located.

Having accumulated vast experience over two decades, we are proud to be recognized as one of the most professional companies in our vertical in the country and to be in a position to leverage the best of our staff’s and associates’ technological know-how and soft skills to ensure appreciable results—continuously.

Being a member of TCM’s truly global network—the Group has representation in 160+ countries—keeps us abreast of changing international trends; helps us to maintain and set international standards; and enables easy reciprocation of services in cross country assignments in commercial debt recovery.

In addition to network partners in all major Indian cities, MNS has branch offices at Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata, covering the Western, Southern and Eastern parts of the country respectively.

Our International Collection Methods and Treatment

Here, in brief, is a run-down of our debt collection methods and approach:

  • We take a soft but firm approach without spoiling your existing business relation with your defaulter.
  • We focus on amicable and alternative solutions that save you time and money.
  • We give dispute identification, notification and resolutions the highest priority.
  • We work closely with you to resolve disputes and issues.
  • We monitor the execution of solutions arrived at with extreme diligence.
  • We ensure professionalism while interacting with you and your debtor.
  • We appoint a dedicated client service representative to stay focused on the collection process.

At MNS, we give personal attention to each claim irrespective of the amount, with each step in the debt collection process tracked and monitored to meet well-defined performance goals. These goals help us to ensure your money is collected as quickly as possible.

You Benefit from Our No-Win, No-Fee Model

Our fee model for pre-legal efforts is success-based; in other words, we only charge you a fee in the amicable phase of collection if we are successful in recovering your debt.

Our Collection Professionals are Highly Experienced

In addition to our highly experienced multilingual collectors and credit analysts, MNS comprises of a group of seasoned lawyers, management professionals, chartered accountants and other financial specialists. Our advisory panel consists of senior lawyers who are practicing in the various High Courts and the Supreme Court of India and have specialized in various branches of law, particularly commercial law.

Expertise in Legal Debt Recovery

MNS has a strong team of veteran lawyers who have attained specialization in court matters such as winding-up petitions, recovery suits, and criminal complaints under the Negotiable Instruments Act. Our legal experts have accumulated extensive knowledge of and experience with India’s complex legal system, which ranges from the lower courts up to the Supreme Court.

We regularly monitor the procedures and cost implications of each court action so that we can recover your debts as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Should our amicable collection efforts fail, our legal team, with your approval, will carry out a thorough assessment of the case and the legal risks involved. If the case is worth pursuing in a court of law, our litigators can take care of the whole court proceeding at very reasonable and competitive rates and only after you have given your written consent.

Reliable Solutions for Business Information Reports

We specialize in producing business information reports on companies operating in India and overseas. MNS reports are professionally produced by our team of highly qualified credit analysts, each of whom can boast many years of experience in interpreting commercial information.

MNS furnishes detailed credit reports for limited and private limited companies, partnerships, and sole proprietorships at a nominal cost with minimum turnaround time. In addition to our cornerstone product “comprehensive business credit reports”, we also produce claim investigation reports, business authentication and verification reports, site visit reports, and in-depth due diligence reports.

Our reporting services give you 1) a quick assessment of a company’s size and Composite Credit Appraisal that is based on the company’s financial statements and 2) an overall evaluation of the firm’s creditworthiness. We can therefore put vital information at your fingertips that helps you take the best credit risk decisions.

Satisfied Customers Worldwide

Our services are extensively used by multinational companies and conglomerates from diverse industry verticals, including:

  • trade credit insurance
  • banks/financial institutions
  • export and import
  • communication and IT
  • inspection and testing
  • medical and pharmaceuticals
  • international hospital and universities
  • shipping and logistics
  • print media and advertising
  • online services

...... and many more

Focused on quality, results, and client satisfaction, we are continually expanding our capabilities and stimulating growth in all service areas. We at MNS Group have been successfully, efficiently and ethically serving our clients for close to two decades now. Our clients know just how important soft and ethical debt collection is to us; that they have always been entirely satisfied with our services speaks for itself.

We are India’s first choice for commercial debt recovery solutions.