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TCM Group — A leading provider of international debt collection services since 1987




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Brian Poon
Brian Poon
TCM Canada

TCM Canada—Optimum Credit Recovery Inc.

International Debt Collectors since 2001

A leading international debt collection agency for Canada, TCM Canada—Optimum Credit Recovery—has been specializing in global debt recovery on delinquent and skip accounts for over fifteen years now. What sets us apart from other credit service providers on the Canadian market is our quick turnaround times combined with our high ethical and professional standards.

Our passion is providing you with the best optimum collection solutions to your credit problem, whether you are a member of the credit-granting community at home or abroad. Optimum Credit Recovery is proud to be Canadian-owned; we are also proud of our long-standing membership of TCM Group International, the world’s most respected—and effective—global debt recovery network.

Doing business with us means you are doing business with creditors’ first choice for international and domestic accounts receivable management in Canada.

Our Mission

With Optimum Credit Recovery, you have a dedicated credit management team at your side. Our focus could not be sharper: resolving your outstanding credit issues through strategic negotiations to increase the health of your cash flow and reduce your operating expenses.

Our high ethical and professional standards demand that we conduct ourselves in the most respectful and honest manner possible. They also make sure that we hire only the most competent, conscientious and innovative staff in the industry—staff with expertise, staff with integrity, staff with ideas.

Since our founding, we have striven to be the best-managed collection agency on the Canadian market, ensuring total loyalty and dedication to our clients.

Rewards and Benefits

Our contingency-fee structure ensures that we do our best to deliver you with optimum results. Put simply: if we don’t collect, we won’t charge you a cent. So you benefit from a financially risk-free engagement of our services in the amicable phase of collection.

By outsourcing your receivables to us, you also benefit from delegating an oftentimes complex and costly task to a company that can call on over a decade-and-a-half of hard won experience and expertise. And most importantly: in case after case, we have proven to be more cost effective than a debt collection lawyer.

Our Guarantees

To assure you that we are the best collection agency for you, we offer the following guarantees:

  • when you submit your accounts into our office they will be assigned and acknowledged within 24 hours of submission
  • we initiate telephone contact with your debtor upon assignment of accounts (subject to provincial regulations)
  • we send out a demand notice on the same day of assignment
  • we will process all accounts eligible for credit bureau reporting after 30 days from assignment unless requested otherwise
  • if your accounts are over $1500 and you have not received a payment within 30 days from assignment, our collectors will thoroughly review the claim for recommendation for legal action
  • we will respond to all your inquiries within one business day
  • we will email or fax a client status report to you at the beginning of every month to let you know the progress of your accounts