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International debt collection for South Africa since 2008

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TCM South Africa—Pienaar Sithole & Associates (Pty) Ltd.

P.O. Box 2885, Randburg, 2125
+27 (0) 87 825 1717

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Shaun Duncan
Shaun Duncan
TCM South Africa

TCM South Africa—Pienaar Sithole & Associates (Pty) Ltd.

International Debt Collectors since 2008

International debt collection in South Africa has just gotten a whole lot easier—and more affordable—with TCM South Africa. Established in 2008 by Mr. Shaun Duncan, TCM South Africa—Pienaar Sithole & Associates Ltd.—is a boutique debt recovery company that was founded with the express intention of focusing on the collection requirements of a limited number of clients. Since then, we have not only proven to be the premier recovery partner for all our clients, but have become a leading name for quality debt recovery services on the South African market in our own right..

With over 60 years of combined collection experience, our senior management team firmly believe that size does not always matter. In other words, we are not bent on becoming the biggest in the industry, but simply want to be the best that we can be. That’s why we became a member of TCM Group, a global collection network of truly global rank. That’s why we insist on being able to offer you domestic and international debt collection expertise in equal measure. And that’s why all our services are based on a “No Collection, No Charge” policy. We couldn’t be more committed to improving the health of your bottom line.

Our Quality Guarantee—Your Peace of Mind

We at TCM South Africa strive in everything we do to provide you with a quality guarantee that gives you peace of mind. That’s why

  • our approach to debt recovery is to ensure we provide you with a professional service;
  • we provide you with a personalized service adapted to your needs;
  • our team comprises collection experts that have a real understanding of and vast experience in the local and global debt collection industry;
  • our company, its directors, and all our collection staff are registered with the Council for Debt Collectors;
  • our collection software was designed by collectors for collectors, thereby ensuring best possible results through a user-friendly programme;
  • we open a separate trust bank account for each of our clients to give them independence and comfort; and
  • we are members of the Association of Debt Collectors (ADRA).

Our major shareholder is The Foschini Group Ltd., one South Africa’s foremost speciality retailers.

No Collection, No Charges

You only pay for our services once we deliver—that is, we operate on a “No Collection, No Charges” basis. This means we are highly motivated to restore your cash flow to its rightful health. At the same time, we do everything we can to make sure your business relations continue to be a source of revenue.

Fees levied to a debtor by us are limited to the fees prescribed in the scale of tariffs as per the Debt Collectors Act 114 of 1998.

Our Debt Collection Procedure

Our debt collection procedure is aimed at obtaining a full and final payment from the debtor. Should the debtor not be able to settle in one payment, however, we make every effort to obtain an amicable arrangement with the debtor—one that is both affordable as well as reasonable in terms of the outstanding debt.

Our consultants will trace a debtor and thereafter liaise with the entity or individual by telephone or in writing via email or post. We record all of our phone calls for quality and control purposes; doing so also provides us with a useful audit trail on each account.

Clients and Values

We collect on debts from as little as five hundred rands to millions of rands, and attend to consumer and commercial debts. We have proven experience in the following industries: banking, insurance, education, clothing and furniture retail, cellular and fixed line telephony, and direct marketing.