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International debt collection for Greece and Cyprus since 2012

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Americanos Collection Management (ACM) – TCM Greece/Cyprus

International Debt Collectors since 2012

Leaders in domestic and international debt collection for Greece and Cyprus, Americanos Collection Management – TCM Greece/Cyprus – has been successfully aiding its clients in clearing their books of high DSO numbers for over five years now. Our first priority has always been to ensure that the money tied up in your receivables finds its way safely back to you – quickly, cost-effectively and, most importantly, amicably.

Quickly here means that our highly trained and experienced staff can execute the often complex and onerous task of amicable debt collection with maximum efficiency and professionalism together with minimum expenditure of time.

Cost-effectively means that we do not waste your time or resources. We ensure that any collection expenses incurred are carried by the debtor. In other words, our ‘No Cure, No Fee’ policy is designed for your benefit and places the responsibility of repayment squarely on the shoulders of the obligor.

Amicably means we know the value of healthy business relations to your bottom line and will always strive to collect your receivables in a way that honours these relations. Hence TCM Greece/Cyprus is a byword for fiscally sustainable and ethically sound collection practices.

The conclusion? Americanos Collection Management – TCM Greece/Cyprus – is your partner no matter whether your money is tied up on the domestic or international market. Not only is our knowledge of the Greek and Cypriot business environment unmatched in the industry, our long-term membership of TCM Group, probably the world’s most distinguished network of international debt collectors, means that you are guaranteed coverage in over 140 countries across every major economic region of the globe.

As a commercial collection agency, we only collect on B2B accounts receivables.

Our Collection Values – Your Benefits – What Drives Us

We at Americanos Collection Management are driven by the transparency of our values – professionalism, efficiency and integrity – at every leg of the collection process. It is important for us to know that you are always in the know when it comes to the collection strategy we deploy and to the status of your account. Confidentiality and meticulousness, speed and expertise are of course key in the delivery of optimal results, but so too is the maintenance of our, your, and your customer’s good name throughout collection undertakings. Experience has taught us that such maintenance not only enhances collection efforts and targets, but also makes for long-lasting and prosperous business relations.

By enlisting our collection services you benefit from:

  • More time to focus on the priority tasks of running a business (i.e., we take care of administrative and monitoring tasks)
  • Professional and regular contact from a personal collection agent
  • A solutions-driven collection strategy based on all-party integrity
  • Money returned safely to your account!
Our Staff Are Passionate about Optimization

Having specialized in domestic and international debt collection our staff have over 20 years’ experience in this field and are in a unique position to deliver optimal results in an increasingly complex global economy. We maintain this unique position by fostering an ethos of unyielding commitment to the optimization of expertise, skill-sets, and procedures across all areas of the collection process.

Our team of professionals, whether their mandate is amicable or legal collection, is passionate therefore about honing their knowledge and competencies to enhance overall workflow and collection performance. They do this by attending regular in-house trainings and international conferences on the latest developments – technological, legal and interpersonal – in the industry.

Our Amicable Collection Procedures

In the amicable phase of collection, our collectors make use of industry-standard collection procedures that have stood the test of time in terms of effective expedition of payment: sending dunning letters (also via courier) and emails, telephoning the debtor, making field visits, and organizing face-to-face meetings.

With their first-hand knowledge of the Greek, Cypriot and international business environments, our multilingual team can also use soft skills such as negotiating, decision making, and problem solving to maximum effect. We place particular emphasis on obtaining debtor commitment to payment proposals through speaking their language, knowing their business sector, and engaging in win-win negotiation strategies. Field visits to debtors play a crucial role in this process, which is why our staff and local representatives are versed in the communication tools most effective at delivering speedy and amicable collection. Such an approach has garnered us a reputation as one of the most successful collection companies on the European market: time and again we have been able to find a collection solution acceptable to all parties involved.

Furthermore, we, you, and the debtor benefit from our in-house lawyers’ unparalleled knowledge of national and international laws on legal debt collection practices. Such knowledge ensures we always operate within the bounds of the law, protecting our, your and your debtor’s good name and guaranteeing transparency, the highest ethical conduct, and fair play for all.

Collection Litigation as Last Option

We only advocate advancing to the second tier of the collection process – namely, litigation – when the debtor has proved impervious to our amicable collection efforts. Until legal proceedings are initiated, all of our collection efforts are carried out on a ‘No Cure, No Fee’ basis.

Before initiating legal proceedings on your behalf, we provide you with thoroughgoing legal counsel on the viability of the case and give you a realistic prognosis of what to expect by way of a positive court judgement and the execution of that judgement.

Some typical actions we take against the debtor include filing an order against the debtor’s immovable property and freezing the debtor’s assets. As a rule, we make a last effort to arrive at an out-of-court payment while the case is being heard.