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International debt collection for Brazil since 1991




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Jefferson Viana
Jefferson Viana
TCM Brazil

TCM Brazil—Way Back

International Debt Collectors since 1991

International debt collection experts for Brazil, TCM Brazil, or Way Back, has been committed to providing best quality amicable and legal debt collection solutions for over 13 years. Since our founding in 1991, it has been our overriding goal to maximize our clients’ cash flow while at the same time making every effort to preserve creditor-debtor relationships. That is why we tailor-make our debt collection services to suit our clients’ unique needs, providing convenience, safety, and transparency in all of our correspondence and transactions.

In addition to our extensive suite of debt collection services, we also offer commercial and outsourcing services such as dispatching a letter before action and drafting status and credit reports. What is more, as shareholders of the prestigious TCM Group, we are in a position to offer you unprecedented global coverage on the international debt collection market. Our seamless cooperation with our partners in over 150 countries worldwide means that we can process claims as close to the debtor as possible, removing often cumbersome barriers to collection and lowering your net collection costs.

Debt Collection Methods

We begin the planning phase of collection by classifying and analysing your customer’s debt portfolio, identifying overdue amounts, and formulating the most effective and efficient collection strategy for each specific case. This process includes

  • Locating the debtor by gathering and documenting as much information as possible;
  • Scoring your customer’s debt portfolio by analysing and determining the customer’s propensity to pay; and
  • Defining optimal communication channels with the debtor - for example, e-mail, SMS, SMS chat, online chat, Calling Card announcements, predictive dialler, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and Whatsapp.

We are happy to report that our clients have experienced a 50 percent growth in amicable debt collection rates as a direct result of our rigorous planning actions. This not only means that we have significantly increased our clients’ revenues and reduced their costs. It also shows that we are doing something right when it comes to finding pre-legal solutions and maintaining creditor-debtor relations.

Success Is in the Figures

In 2013, Way Back performed credit collection and asset management services for 194 large customers, services which involved contacting 1,913 million defaulters and managing 3.7 million contracts that totalled R$5.8 billion (US$2.6 billion) in original value.

In that same year, our recovery performance rate of 3.87 percent exceeded the national average rate recorded in agencies of credit control of 3.5 percent. This above-average percentage rate stemmed in part from an immediate insertion of 74,049 customers into the economy and involved Way Back settling approximately 118,809 contracts that totalled R$131.5 million (US$59.3 million) in value.

Way Back’s exemplary performance figures are also directly linked to its ongoing relationship with its customers and the widespread dissemination of its name across all sectors of the Brazilian economy. Our clients come from walks of economic life—finance, trade, security, services, manufacturing, health care, education, the supply chain—and it has always been part of our value-set to see the bigger economic picture in redressing an imbalance of payments in small-scale and large-scale transactions.

As evidence for its commitment to steady growth, Way Back managed to turn over 100% of the customers it contracted in 2013, invoicing to 194 customers in that year. In terms of real growth in the last three years, we can boast an average figure of 28%, a percentage much higher than the average growth recorded in Brazil and the world economy over the same period. No doubt such a healthy growth rate has more than a little to do with the way we keep house: strict monitoring of management skills and relentless promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit which got our company off the ground to begin with.

Taking these factors together, it comes as no surprise that we occupy an optimal position to dispense best quality local and global debt collection services, especially when it comes to delivering expertise and professionalism in an ever-diversifying economic environment such as that found in Brazil and indeed around the world.

Instituto GeoC

Since 2006, Way Back has been an active member of the Instituto GeoC, an organization that was founded in the July of that year to bring together the best of the best in the country’s credit recovery industry.

With 250 branches, 18,000 workstations, and 25,000 employees nationwide, the Instituto GeoC possesses a truly national presence when it comes to recovering credit—no matter what the industry. All branches, workstations, and employees are dedicated to the single task of recovering debts past due as quickly and as professionally as possible, mostly through tele-collection methods.

Some of the industries the Instituto operates in include the credit card and retail banking industries, the automobile and energy-supply industries, and the services and food industries.

Since its inception, the Instituto has become the first address in Brazil for companies seeking to hire general recovery services. In addition to its main task of providing these services, it also works on numerous projects for the improvement of the C & C industry in Brazil. These projects aim, among other things, to generate traffic between creditors and their debtors, and to better prepare professionals working within the Instituto for their managerial roles by sending them on reputable MBA programmes.

Mr. Jefferson Frauches Viana, the CEO of Way Back / TCM Brazil and the Instituto’s current administrative financial officer, is passionately committed to pursuing improvement in performance results.